Multiview Demo

See the integrated multiview in action on a sample dataset - the multiview incorporates most the main views (grid, graph, map etc) into one integrated view with search, filtering and field summaries.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is a full application for exploring and working with data in your browser. It utilizes almost every feature of ReclineJS and is the app that ReclineJS was originally developed to build.


Create timelines quickly and easily using the Timeliner App created with ReclineJS (source code)

Crime Maps

See Recline's geo filter and map view capabilities put to good use exploring crime's in San Francisco. This example shows you the Recline Data Explorer pre-configured to show thefts near 9th and Mission.

Search Demo

See how easy it is to build a responsive AJAX-based search interface to a search backend. It includes full-text search, faceting and ability to easily customize the display of results.